Happiness is “Back to simplicity” – Cotswold (England)

Is this the life you want?

Cotswold is renowned for the most beautiful countryside in the world. I have already been to Bath in the south last time, so this time, I decided to do the northern cities.

I would highly recommend Higher and Lower Slaughters, it’s not a hot tourist spot, actually, when I was there, I only met two people who were traveling around. But the view is definitely breathtaking.

Bibury is a small town in the northern Cotswold, but the transportation is not very convenient. It’s better driving there.

I was staying with this lovely family in Cheltenham while visiting Cotswold. I saw how she and her husband created fun in the most normal daily life, they have been married for a very long time, but from the way they looked at each other, I could tell they are still deeply in love with each other.

They have a very lovely dog. She will walk the dog for a long time every day, and her husband will drive to the destination to wait for her in case she is too tired to walk back.

Some people might think countryside life is boring. But we have to admit that our life circle is—‘ Coming from nothing, and going back to nothing’. You might have had a fancy life before, all kinds of events, all night parties. fireworks champagne. But in the end, you will find the only thing that can keep us happy is “SIMPLICITY”. We should cut all the unnecessary things away from our life.

There is a saying ‘When you are young, you tend to do a lot of pluses, you want money, fame, position, house, cars….But when you gradually become old, everything starts to do minus. At last, all you need is just a simple life with a place to stay, food to eat and people to love.

Not so many people could endure this kind of ‘boring’ life because our happiness is always attached to something or someone. But that’s not from the inside. Your happiness might come from owning a new Porsche. Of course, it makes everyone excited, but it’s temporary, after one week or even one year, when your attachment to this car becomes weak, you start to look for the next stimulation that you think could make you happy. That’s also one of the reasons why the divorce rate is so high right now. People confused happiness or love with attachment, it’s the psychological illness.

Even for me personally, totally getting rid of this attachment is nearly impossible, but when I feel I’m starting to attach my happiness to something, I will always try to recall the simplicity inside of me.

Just remember, happiness came from inside.

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