Happiness is belief

Indonesia is a religious country like most of the southeast Asia countries, which has 85 % of the Muslim, but on Bali island, Hindu takes 90%. As you have already know, Bali has tons of temples, and unlike any places else in Southeast Asia, usually these temples are not open to public unless you want to pray inside.


I have seen quite a lot people doing the prayer, but the family as the picture below really impressed me. Those kids might not know what religious really mean, but by their father’s sincere gesture, they seem to respect and try to understand more.








The other time was during my climbing at the volcano at midnight, at middle of the mountain our group leader want us to excuse her for 5 mins to do the prayer. I believe she and her God are always together and that kind of sincere relationship is really touchy.










The fun part of travel is you can always find those small things that can make you think so much since it’s quite different from what you grew up with. I won’t say China is a very religious country, I found my God during the trip to Tibet where I realized the power of him. It’s a wonderful journey to find your belief.


(Pura Tirta Empul)

Belief is not all about religion, it is a status of having faith in something. People with belief tend to have the integrity to hold on to their own value, and won’t be seduced easily. The nature of human is to look for comfort, whatever makes them comfortable means the security to them. Sometimes, you need to sacrifice the morality to gain that comfort, and this is when belief helps you to get back on the right track.


It’s not easy to find belief, but once you did, you are one step closer to the true happiness.


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