After one month in Bali, I flew to one of the most famous island country in the world, which is also renowned as ‘ The tear of Indian Ocean’.  Compared with the rich entertainment and party life in Bali, I have fully prepared myself for this time of being alone by myself.


Most of the people traveling there will choose to take the grand circle tour which includes the seaside line and also tea garden line. Miyazaki Hayao got the inspiration for his movie ‘Spirited away’ when he took the sea side train. And it is also shown in the movie for the beautiful views.





During the 20 days in Sri Lanka, unlike in Bali, I didn’t meet new friends all the time since I need to move around constantly and most of the time I was on the road.


When I talked with the travelers there, the most reviews on their trip is “Disappointing’. Some people came all the way from China or Europe with the hope to see something magnificent only to find out that the view might not even be better than their hometowns’. After I heard that, in the first of couple days, I have the same feelings. The sea is not as beautiful as Bali’s, the local people are not friendly due to the over development of the tourism industry, the food here is not good and diversified, etc. But after a while, I found another type of happiness.


Compared with the big scenic spots where all the tourists gathered together and the entrance fee is becoming higher and higher for non-locals, the beauty of Sri Lanka is actually in the details.


For example, the train. Train ride is a must do in Sri Lanka. But it is usually so packed inside so I decided to just sit by the door. And there I saw the most beautiful scenery of the whole trip which I would have been missed if I was sitting inside.





The other is the Lion Rock. As one of  the world heritage, many people has very high expectation on it. Then when they saw it and also the pictures, they think it’s just so so. So they prefer not to pay so much to climb in the heat to the top, and just took some pictures at the bottom.


But I think it took so much effort to finally get here, no matter what’s waiting at the top, I would love to give it a try.


Then here comes the view:





Most of the times, we tend to accept other people’s comments as our own thoughts. Then we will always hold the judgement to see things, and let it influence our mood.


But nothing ever becomes real till it is experienced. After the journey in Sri Lanka, I realized that one of the key factors for happiness is — Experience is the teacher of all things, use your own eyes to see, your own heart to feel. 


Always thinking about how the other people perceive you will only make you more and more cowardice, in order to please others, you will lose your own personality. Living in other people’s judgement will never makes you happy, because you never know what you really want.


For long time, Asians have this value that you need to get married as young as possible, start the family early and never leave hometown (especially woman), after you accomplished those, you will be happy. We are educated that way since we are children, and gradually, we think that’s our own will. But there are so many people surrounding me who accomplished all those and still not happy. It’s because we have been brain washed for too long. Life is all about experiencing, if you have never tried the other kind of life, how do you know what will make you happy?


I’m not sure the life on the road is really suitable for me or not, but what I know is I need to use my eyes to see, use my heart to feel and use my foot to measure the world.


Maybe the life of vagabonding means unstable to you, but to others, that might be the ultimate happiness.


So, don’t let other people control your life, laugh hard when you want to, cry out loud when you are sad. There is nothing better than your own experience.



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