Happiness is LEAVING

For most of the people, leaving is escaping from the reality. Maybe life didn’t go as well as you planned to, maybe someone broke your heart.


For me, it’s not. I have the friends I love here, I have the families that support me, I have the comfortable life that can make me do whatever I want. The reason I leave is because life is all about how you see all of these in your life. A lot of people are not satisfied with life because they don’t know what they already have.



Human beings are greedy, they always want something they can not get. But if you are the person that tend to be unsatisfied with what you have, you will never be happy.


One of the reason I leave everything here is that I want to cherish it more. I want to be more aware of all the love I received, not take it for granted.  I’m thankful now that everyone and everything happened in my life is a brand new experience, I’m thankful to God who gave me the spiritual life, and my parents who brought me to this world. I’m thankful to my friends who made me felt loved l, who cheer me up when I was down.


Everything in life, embrace them!


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