Happiness is ‘lower the expectation’ — Slovenia

“My expectations were reduced to zero when I was 21. Everything since then has been a bonus.”

[The Science of Second-Guessing (New York Times Magazine Interview, December 12, 2004)]”
― Stephen Hawking

When I was planning the Slovenia trip, it was just a stop by country. I didn’t do much research on it, but in the end, it surprised me in many ways.


Ljubljana could be the smallest capital I’ve ever seen. There is only one main street and river connects the whole city, which full of bars and restaurants.


It was a nice place to take some rest, just to do people watching and have a coffee in the rainy days will be just perfect.


I always like to climb to the top to see the whole city, this one, of course,  could not be missing. Autumn gives this city stunning colors.




When I was about to leave the country, someone told me I should definitely visit the “Lake Bled”,  since it’s on my way to Austria, so  I decide to stay there for just 2 days.





After I saw this, I extended my stay for several times.




There is a small path leading to the top of the mountain where you can overlook the whole lake and if the weather is good, the alps behind the lake could also be found.



After 4 days, I was recommended to a place called lake Bohinj which not so many people know about it and is great for photography. I was thinking since it’s not far and I have not too much to do here, so I took a day trip there. Then it turns out to be the highlight of this trip. It is an undiscovered gem.







It’s like everyone has a private beach, so they just got naked in the wild like no one is there. I took the hiking path around the lake which takes about 4 hours, it passed through the forest, beach and main road. So you will never get tired of the scenery. It is so peaceful that some people choose to practice yoga here.


Most of the times, when we are not expecting anything, that’s when we get the best result. I believe everyone has the experience of holding the hope too high and gets disappointed in the end. There is nothing wrong with high expectation, but that might make you more stressful about the results, and the burden towards happiness.


It’s easier to say than to do, human beings are greedy, the expectation will only be higher and higher. It doesn’t mean you shouldn’t set your goals high, in contrary, you should aim high, but have the preparation for not achieving it.


Expectation adds burden to your mind. Whatever you do, you will always think about that and find it hard to focus on something else.


From now on, try to lower down your expectation, and you will find yourselves to be much happier.


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