Happiness Is The Feeling Of Content

Have you realized that the happiest people you ever met might come from some rural areas and most of the times are not that rich. I don’t know how many times you have heard that money can’t buy happiness, but it is true. The following pictures are all the locals in Bali island, some of them have the happiest smile I ever see.


But today I want to talk about this man. I ran into him on the canggu beach when I was just wandering around. I asked for a picture of him and he offered me an picture instead, saying he is also a photographer.



After I talked with him at his beautiful little’ bar’ for an hour, I was really impressed by him. He has never been to school but could speak 10 languages, mainly by reading and talking with travelers. He has two bars downtown already but he doesn’t want to make more money because in that way he needs to sacrifice his time for surfing.


While we were talking, he showed me a luxury villa as the picture below behind his bar on the beach, at first I thought it was a hotel, but then he said there is only one woman living there, and she is not a very happy person since her husband left her and her child and only left this villa to them.

He told me that, even though he was not rich like her and could only sit in front of her beautiful house, but he can be sure that he is much happier than her, and that’s why he doesn’t care that much about money. I was surprised that these words came from a man that has never left Indonesia and has never experience the feeling of being rich.


Life is full of surprise when you are traveling, everyone is a unique existence on the earth. Opening your heart to listen to their story might give you more inspiration than you ever think.

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